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G and F Miller 2019/20 Price List. Contact Sue Luken re ordering with her group order.
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Oakwood Daffodils 2020 listJoe Hamm
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Esker Farm DaffodilsPHS Daffodils
* Sara's favorite spade is a poaching spade or rabbiting spade, such as made by : DeWit, Spear & Jackson, or Carrington Forge. She says, "I am lucky to have a poacher's spade with a stainless steel blade and synthetic handle because I am careless with my tools. I don't mean to be but I do walk away from a project and then it rains. And I am even luckier because it was a gift, first to my 94 year old mentor and I would use it on her property and covet it. When I offered it back to the giver when my mentor left her home, Donald gave it to me! Prior to this I had never been excited about a shovel; now you better ask before touching my spade."
* Favorite hand tools: Sara's, Jim's, Suzy demonstrating her weedwrench.
* Earth augers: Jim's cheapie-goodie for a hand drill, Suzy demonstrating her serious machine.
* Sara likes the original gloves, for general gardening, and the one with nubs for cleaning bulbs.
* Jim seldom works outside without what Janet calls his "dictator suit" from Columbia Sportswear's Insect Blocker Collection.
Chemical Defenses
* Sara uses Burt's Bees Herbal Insect Repellent year after year, and yes it is oily but it stays on. She reports the smell is a welcome relief to the chemical products she used prior to Burt's. Our skin is our largest organ and the idea of possible systemic uptake of DEET seems unwise to her. She really has to be in a situation that demands DEET protection, and then she only sprays it on her clothing.
* Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray 100+ SPF Sunscreen Sara thought she might be stepping out on a limb here (read the reviews), but she really likes the quickness and ease of application. When she digs in a daffodil field, she is prepared for extreme conditions. That usually means really hot and dirty and this stuff stays on! Sara dresses in old clothes and when she comes inside, she heads straight to the shower.
* Sara doesn't like spraying her face and finds Blue Lizard Facial Sunscreen useful. Her husband, Pete, was given samples at the dermatologist's office. Blue Lizard is billed as Australian Sunscreen and the highest incident of melanoma is found in that part of the Southern Hemisphere.
* Sara's Favorite Chigger Repellent - Flowers of Sulphur. Sara swears that Flowers of Sulphur sifted on her socks, pants cuffs, and waistband/bra elastic repels chiggers. The only draw back for her is the odor... not surprisingly, it smells like sulphur. On the other hand, chiggers are sheer misery, and the odor is worth the protection.
Post-encounter Allies
* JointFlex, Bill Lee and Suzy Wert's favorite joint pain-relief cream
* Archipegalo Grapefruit Lotion - Suzy Wert's favorite après-gardening hand lotion
* Sara Kinne has been using Fels Naptha soap since she was 12 years old and sensitized herself to poison ivy by picking her mother a bouquet of the dreaded vine. The soap can remove the oil of poison ivy from the skin whether one has had direct exposure or indirect such as touching a pet carrying it on its fur. Timely use is important and she recommends keeping it nearby in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Cutting the bar in half with a table saw reduces the bar to a manageable size.
* But when the poison ivy gets ahold of you, Super Ivy Dry is very effective at treating the skin rash.